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Hoosier grown... Hoosier guaranteed

RBF,L.L.C. Board of Directors

Dr. Edwin E. Russell--President

Mary Russell---------Secretary Treasurer

Ben Russell-----------Member

Kristan Russell-------Member

Abe Russell-----------Member

Erica Russell----------Member

Charlotte Russell-----Member

Caleb Russell---------Member

Welcome to Our Farm

Indiana is home to some of the richest and most productive farmlands in the country, yielding perfectly cultivated crops to be enjoyed by all. At Russell Bergdolt Farmstead, L.L.C. in Star City, Indiana, we strive to uphold the high standards that Hoosier farmers have set .

We grow and sell hops, Our hops  are grown in a regenerative manner,  We use minimal commercial chemical treatment. Our hops plants are individually and intensively tended. What makes our operation unique is that we still use some of the same sustainable and regenerative  methods that our family used when we started in the 1870's.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to grow Hoosier crops sustainably 

and guarantee their quality.

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