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Offering Crops That Are Grown In A Sustainable Manner,

Good For People Consuming Them.

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Russell Bergdolt Farmstead, L.L.C. in Star City, Indiana sells Indiana grown hops  to home brewers and craft brewers. It sells raspberries, and blackberries to "farm to table" restaurants., and to individuals like you. We also offer fresh ("wet") hops in season on line to home brewers that we send overnight   

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Fresh Hops for the Home Brewer!

Every brewer knows the secret to the best brew is fresh hops. Yet unless the home brewer knows enough about hops to grow his own he will never know the thrill of brewing with wet (i.e.- fresh) hops. That is about to change!

Russell Bergdolt Farmstead of Pulaski County, Indiana is growing a limited acreage of sustainably grown hops just for the home brewer. The hops can be picked up on site on the announced day of harvest. The hops can also be delivered to the doorstep of the home brewer in fresh and ready-to-brew condition on, or the day after, the day of harvest. They can also be delivered overnight.

 Wet hops are reserved on a first come-first-served-basis with a 10% deposit.

In the event of a poor crop performance, or our inability to fill all our orders, all  deposits on unfulfilled orders will be promptly refunded within 10 business days following harvest.


 To reserve your hops complete the order form below.


The Comet is bittering hop has a blend of grassy "wild" aromas,and zesty grapefruit character..The flavor and aroma have been compared by some to the Citra hop

Alpha Acids: 8 - 10.5%

Beta Acids: 4 - 5%

Alpha-Beta Ratio: 1.6 - 2.63

Similar Hop Varieties: Galena, Summit, Citra


The Newport is an exciting, new, and higher alpha hop developed by the USDA breeding program at Oregon State University. One of Newport hops’ parents is the Hallerfan Hop, which has a mellow distinct flavor and softness, a spicy/herbal aroma, and a flash of citrus-like flavor.

To produce the Newport hop, Hallerfan was paired with the Magnum hop which has bittering qualities highly prized for Ales and Lagers. The Newport hops definitely has the best characteristics of both its parents.

Alpha Acids 13.5% to 17%

Beta Acids 7.2% to 9.1%

Bitter Gold

A good choice for late bittering with desirable notes of spice and black currant 

Alpha Acids 15.4 % to 18.9%

Beta Acids 6.1% to 8.0%


The Chinook is used in Pale Ale, IPA’s, and Porter or Stout. It features a unique pine-like spicy bouquet with robust flavor of grapefruit.

Alpha Acids 12% to 14%

Beta Acids 3% to 4%

Other Indiana grown Hops available in limited quantities while supplies last: 




Triple Perle

We also sell blackberries and red rasberries in season.

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